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Welcome to St. Barts where the local time is... ahh who cares what time it is.

World Famous Beaches of St. Barts

Fast Facts

Size and location - The island of St. Barts (St. Barth) is only 8 square miles total and is located appx 100 miles east of Puerto Rico and just south of St. Maarten.

Banks - The two main banks are both in Gustavia. The Banque Francaise Commerciale, rue du General-de-Gaulle (tel. 590/27-62-62), is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 12:30pm and 2 to 4:30pm; it's closed Wednesday afternoon. The Banque Nationale de Paris, rue du Bord-de-Mer (tel. 590/27-63-70), is open Monday through Friday from 8am to noon and 2 to 3:30pm; closes at noon on Wednesday.

Currency - In 2002, St. Barts, as a political part of mainland France, abandoned its historic French franc and joined the Euro umbrella. The current rate of exchange is approximately 1.12e to US $1.

Documents - U.S., British, and Canadian citizens need only a passport to enter St. Barts. If you're flying in, you'll need to present your return or ongoing ticket.

Language - The official language is French, but English is widely spoken.

Pharmacies - The Pharmacie de Saint-Barth is on quai de la Republique, Gustavia (tel. 590/27-61-82). Its only competitor is the Pharmacie de l'Aeroport, adjacent to the airport (tel. 590/27-66-61). Both are open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 8pm; on Sunday, one or the other remains open for at least part of the day.

Safety - Although crime is very rare on St. Barts, it is always wise to protect your valuables. Don't leave them unguarded on the beach or in parked cars.

Taxes - There's an airport departure tax of 4.55e ($4.05 US), but no hotel tax.

Telephone - To call St. Barts from the United States, dial 011 (the international access code), then 590 (the country code for Guadeloupe), then 590 again (the area code for St. Barths), and finally the 6-digit local number. To make a call to anywhere in St. Barts from within St. Barts, dial only the 6-digit local number. To reach an AT&T operator from anywhere on the island, dial tel. 0800-99-00-11. To reach MCI, dial tel. 0800-99-00-19. To reach Sprint, dial tel. 0800-99-0087.

Time - When standard time is in effect in the United States and Canada, St. Barts is 1 hour ahead of the U.S. east coast. Thus, when it's 7pm on St. Barts, it's 6pm in New York. When daylight saving time is in effect in the United States (April through October), clocks in New York and St. Barts show the same time.

Tipping - Hotels usually add a service charge of 10% to 15%; always ask if this is included in the price you're quoted. Restaurants typically add a service charge, too. Taxi drivers expect a tip of 10% of the fare.

Water - The water on St. Barts is generally safe to drink.

Weather - The climate of St. Barts is ideal: dry with an average temperature of 72° to 86°F.


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